Starting off…

Wow.  A major speed bump and source of frustration is specifying correct paths for all the libraries… I know it sounds dumb, but hear me out:  Am I wrong to expect things to ‘just work’?  I’m running Mac OS X 10.5 and I don’t think it’s preposterous to assume that CPAN would handle things nicely for me.  Not the case:  building from source puts things in kinds of crazy places that requires updating my $PATH.  Now, I’m not an idiot and can do these things, but again, it’s just frustrating – my development slows to a crawl as I try to figure out why it can’t find a library I just installed.  So, for those who want to follow along at home:

Use MacPorts, and if you have code that binds across languages, install it with the +universal flag to avoid getting weird errors.

Mac OS X has the built in `locate` command, but no updatedb.  I had to scour the depths of the OS X internals to find it.  (/usr/libexec/locate.updatedb)  On the other hand, there are some nice programs hanging out just waiting to be discovered (like a handy airport utility in /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Apple80211.framework/Versions/Current/Resources/airport).

Once all that nonsense was taken care of, I began to actually code.  It was exciting.  I’ve used SVN quite a bit and we use git at my current job (been here since December) so using git hub wasn’t too difficult but I’m still picking up all the branch switching stuff which I haven’t learned being a solo/linear programmer.

On the docket, I’ve got some more basic tests, reporting some bugs that I ran into on a module that we use (Math::GMPz) and submitting patches where I can, and then attempting to grok this 27 page pdf on the actual algorithim that I will be implementing.  Luckily, there is a C implmentation that I have (doubly luckily that I am C literate) so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

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