Epic win

Instead of sleeping or doing homework, I decided to just add some tests and get that function I wrote working.  The bug, surprisingly, was not in the massive chunk of code but in the way I was passing arguments to Math::GMPz (surprise surprise I suck at checking my arguments).  A little love from perl -d and a few passes going line by line through the broken test pin pointed the problem.  Check out the results on the latest commit.  The test suite now includes the first five strong Lucas psuedoprimes (which are correctly identified as such) and some other random tests; more will be added to ensure complete correctness.

I also finally applied the patch from the maintainer of Math::GMPz to the Makefile.PL.  After some wrestling, I found out it did solve the problem of identifying Mac OS X as not using long long or 64 bit or what have you.  As a result, it passed all of the test suite.  My mentor and I are both hosting the project on github just not only for sanities sake (we can share our modifications with just some git push and git pull) but also to try and entice the maintainer to use at least some form of SCM.

Some fun projects for Math::GMPz would be to rewrite the test suite using Test::More and also doing some type of argument checking for the functions.

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