State of the Bob

Google Summer of Code ended on September 3rd and I’ve uploaded the final product.  That is to say I hope people use my code and find bugs and fix them I can develop the module further… I started fixing some bugs in as a way to contribute back to the perl community (and also beef up that resume (oh who am I kidding I’m going to take a gigantic pay cut – “deferred pay” and enter ministry)).  Current busyness: school has started full swing again and I’m taking Hebrew I, Greek Exegesis through Colossians (what would be the 3rd semester for most but 4th for me), Gospels, Hermeneutics, and Preaching. Work is transitioning me away from maintaining our old system (written in PHP, about half OO and clean the other half disgusting and old) and wanting me to maintain our facebook app and start development with Ruby on Rails.  I’ve got a lady-friend whom I’m spending a lot of time with.  And to top things off, my roommate and I are heading full-speed into a possible church schism (a small one, but one nonetheless).  Add to that the regular reading (for aforementioned classes and for leisure and edification), time with friends, time to be a hermit, and private devotional time.  All I need to do is balance my time so I don’t fail my classes, neglect my girlfriend, lose my sanity, get fired from my job, fail my brothers and sisters at church, and gain forty pounds.  We’ll see how this goes.

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