Parrot on RTEMS: Out of directory building, part 2

Well, the bad news is that the “hard” deadline is coming up next Monday. The good news is that I’m making progress. I will not make my original goal of having a cross-compiled Parrot testing on RTEMS. What I do have currently is the “secret sauce” that allows the Parrot configuration to do a minimal cross-compilation. I’m currently working on getting 1) Parrot to build out of directory and 2) Parrot to target multiple platforms. If you haven’t been following, my patches allow Parrot’s configure script to run from a separate directory, run all tests outside the source directory, and generate all configure time files outside the source directory. I am currently working on fixing the Makefile so we can actually build i.e. run `make`. This is a pretty monumental problem as there are multiple problems – paths in the Makefile, perl scripts that run from the Makefile to generate more files, separate included Makefiles, and all Makefiles are actually templates that are created at configure time. My latest push allows us to run a few steps in the Makefile but there are still miles to go.

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