Reforming my Mac – Part 1

For my previous job I needed to setup a development environment on my mac which required some packages like PostgreSQL, ImageMagick, and some other packages. I started using MacPorts and eventually found a GUI for it called Porticus. I mostly used the command line `port` but every now and then Porticus was easier to manage.

The problem with MacPorts, at least the way I did it, was that I needed to run everything under `sudo`. Furthermore, MacPorts required me to install a new copy of X11 even though I had one from Apple.

Enter Homebrew.

I heard about Homebrew a while back and a previous coworkers nuked his MacPorts installation and switched over to Homebrew. So I finally took the plunge.

Removing MacPorts

At first I was manually uninstalling packages from Porticus so I could keep around some of the packages I used (like wget). Don’t pussyfoot like I did, just remove every thing*

sudo port -f uninstall installed

* If you have databases or other configuration files back those up first

Full uninstall instructions are at the MacPorts guide.

Installing Homebrew

The easiest way is to run the one-liner they provide:

ruby -e "$(curl -fsS"

Of course, for a fuller treatment of options, check out the installation instructions.

Then I installed wget:

brew install wget

And after a bit of time I had a proper installation of wget!

For part 2 I’ll be fixing my perl install – removing all the modules I installed with `sudo cpan install` and switching to use `perlbrew`, `cpanm`, and `local::lib`. Part 3 I’ll remove all my gems that I installed with `sudo gem install` and setup local gems and `rvm` and multiple rubies.

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